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结构优先的翻新:布瑞尔收藏馆 / John McAslan + Partners

结构优先的翻新:布瑞尔收藏馆 / John McAslan + Partners
编译:袁蓓祺 | 校对:袁蓓祺 | 2022.12.04 22:37
建筑外观 ©Hufton+Crow
建筑内部 ©Hufton+Crow

设计单位  John McAslan + Partners

项目地点  英国苏格兰

建成时间  2022年3月

建筑面积  13,253平方米

布瑞尔收藏馆(The Burrell Collection)是欧洲最好的博物馆之一,属于苏格兰战后极罕见的A类历史建筑,其非凡的收藏品囊括了9000件美术和装饰艺术作品,其年代跨越六千年。这个折衷主义的丰富收藏组合,是由威廉·布瑞尔爵士(1861-1958)在1944年捐赠给格拉斯哥市的,他是克莱德航运商人、收藏家和慈善家。

The Burrell Collection is one of Europe's finest museums housed in one of the very few Category-A listed post-war Scottish buildings.  Its extraordinary collection consists of 9,000 works of fine and decorative arts spanning 6,000 years. This richly eclectic assemblage was donated to the City of Glasgow in 1944 by Sir William Burrell (1861-1958), the Clyde shipping merchant, collector and philanthropist.


建筑外观 ©Hufton+Crow

1983年,这些收藏品被安置在一个广受好评的博物馆建筑中。该建筑由三位年轻的剑桥大学建筑学者Barry Gasson、Brit Andresen和John Meunier设计。

In 1983 it was housed in a critically acclaimed museum building designed by three young Cambridge architect-academics - Barry Gasson, Brit Andresen and John Meunier.



Made of red Dumfriesshire sandstone, polished concrete, stainless steel and timber and glass, the seminal 20th century building occupies a sylvan setting in Pollok Country Park four miles from central Glasgow.


建筑外观 ©Hufton+Crow

2016年,代表市议会提供文化、体育和学习活动的慈善机构——格拉斯哥生活,任命John McAslan + Partners为建筑师和景观设计师,主导博物馆为期五年的翻新和改进。

In 2016, Glasgow Life, the charity that delivers cultural, sporting and learning activities on behalf of Glasgow City Council, appointed John McAslan + Partners as architect and landscape designer to lead the museum's five-year renovation and enhancement.


展厅 ©Hufton+Crow


Working with a team of specialists, John McAslan + Partners focussed on three key project aims: to seamlessly repair the building and improve its environmental performance by a "fabric first" approach to its renovation; to strengthen the building's parkland setting; and, after careful consideration to open up select areas of the interior to articulate the horizontal and vertical movement through the galleries, so that a greatly increased proportion of the collection can be enjoyed at any one time.


中庭 ©Hufton+Crow
展厅 ©Hufton+Crow




A discrete entrance has been added to the east of the retained existing entrance accessed from an adjoining paved piazza that creates an enhanced natural setting where visitors can also relax or picnic or spill out from the café at its southeast corner.


入口 ©Hufton+Crow
咖啡厅 ©Hufton+Crow


Adjoining the entrance sequence, a new orientation volume connects the museum levels up to the mezzanine galleries and down by a stepped seating arrangement to the newly opened-up garden-level floor below. The latter now accommodates an exhibition and events gallery connected to a viewable art storage space, workshops, the rejuvenated café and parkland beyond.


事务所在其景观和城市设计工作室的负责人Andy Harris的领导之下,为布瑞尔收藏馆设计了景观。他描述了该实践的方法论:“建筑、公园和林地之间的关系是20世纪80年代原始设计方案中的一个标志性叙事。我们对景观的更新尊重了最初的设计理念,同时又精心整合了新的元素,以吸引年轻游客。”

John McAslan + Partners designed the landscape for The Burrell. This was led by Andy Harris, Head of John McAslan + Partners’ Landscape and Urban Design Studio. He describes the practice’s approach, “The relationship between building, parkland and woodland was an iconic narrative in the original 1980s design proposal.  Our ‘updating’ of the landscape respects the original design vision whilst carefully integrating new elements to engage with a new generation of visitors. ”


阶梯座位 ©Hufton+Crow


“Accessible routes to the museum, a flexible entrance plaza, café terrace and amphitheatre will provide a more legible, engaging and diverse user experience.”



Back in the galleries, visitors will encounter the collection that is now curated thematically and using immersive narrative as the guiding vision for the Collection’s museography. In total, an additional 35 per cent of the gallery space has now been added from the previous arrangement and with the great majority of the collection on site for accessible storage and to assist with its rotation.


展览空间 ©Hufton+Crow




The project is a strong example of John McAslan + Partners' interest in reuse and, especially, in working with significant 20th century buildings. The Burrell has been adapted and refurbished focusing on a "Fabric First" approach, maximising the benefits of improving the building's existing built fabric.


建筑内部通道 ©Hufton+Crow
细节 ©Hufton+Crow

例如,方案由于重新利用了现有的铝制玻璃框架,节省了超过8.5吨的新铝,从而节省了100吨与新铝生产有关的碳排放。没有任何玻璃材料被填埋,其中16吨重新用于生产平板玻璃,其余的被用于其他建筑产品。这些碳足迹的显著减少,归功于John McAslan + Partners与环境设计及建筑装备工程公司Atelier Ten以及外墙顾问Arup的合作设计。

Within this approach, for instance, the re-use of existing aluminium glazing frames has saved over 8.5 tonnes of new aluminium from being added to the building which in turn saved 100 tonnes of carbon emissions associated with new aluminium production. No glass material went to landfill, 16 tonnes of glass was recycled back to flat glass manufacture and the rest went into other building products. These significant carbon footprint reductions are the result of collaborative design between John McAslan + Partners, environmental designers and building services engineers Atelier Ten and façade consultant Arup.


建筑与公园的视觉联系 ©Hufton+Crow


The renewed Burrell Collection has achieved a BREEAM rating of Excellent putting the museum in the top 10 per cent of energy efficient buildings in the UK, a significant achievement for the refurbishment and conservation of a Category-A listed building.



Nearly half of the funding for the £68.25 million project was committed by Glasgow City Council with significant contributions from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, The Scottish Government, the UK Government, and from many generous trusts and private donors.


建筑历史细节 ©Hufton+Crow
建筑内部通道 ©Hufton+Crow

事务所创始人John McAslan说:“在所有情况下,我们都在尊重原来的建筑的基础上,对其进行适当的调整。此外,我们在整个过程中引入了节能技术,同时重新考虑了藏品的需求,以支持改善藏品的保存、诠释和轮换。这包括考虑在北面照明的长廊中的藏品的特殊要求,长廊被亲切地称为‘森林中的散步’,这是Gasson设计中的一个亮点。”

"In all cases", says John McAslan, Founder of John McAslan + Partners, "we have respected the original architecture and adjusted it appropriately. Additionally, we have introduced energy conservation techniques throughout, whilst reconsidering the needs of the Collection to support the improved conservation, interpretation, and rotation of the Collection.  This includes the Collection's particular requirements within the enfilade of north-lit galleries, affectionately known as 'the walk in the woods', a tour-de-force within Gasson's design".


建筑外观夜景 ©Hufton+Crow
建筑外部细节 ©Hufton+Crow

项目负责人Paul East总结说:“Gasson、Andresen和Meunier在1972年受委托设计布瑞尔收藏馆,当时它是格拉斯哥第一个大型现代文化项目,为该市开创了大胆的先例,自1980年以来,该市为文化和体育项目支出了14亿英镑。布瑞尔项目中,我们基本上没有改变建筑近半个世纪前的原始设计,遵循最初的设计意图,但让它完全焕新、更容易进入,再次成为与优质的藏品相适应的博物馆。”

Paul East, John McAslan + Partners' Project Lead for The Burrell summarises,"When Gasson, Andresen and Meunier's design for the Burrell Collection was commissioned in 1972, it was the start of Glasgow's first modern cultural grand project, setting the boldest of precedents for the city's £1.4bn spend on cultural and sporting projects since 1980. Through The Burrell Project, we have delivered a building whose original design  – nearly half a century old – remains largely unchanged and in keeping with its original design intent yet is now completely revitalised, significantly more accessible, and is once again a museum fit for its exemplary collection."


建筑外观夜景 ©Hufton+Crow
夜晚的玻璃立面 ©Hufton+Crow


设计图纸 ▽


总平面图 ©John McAslan + Partners
地面层平面图 ©John McAslan + Partners
地下一层平面图 ©John McAslan + Partners
一层平面图 ©John McAslan + Partners
二层平面图 ©John McAslan + Partners
屋顶平面图 ©John McAslan + Partners
东立面图 ©John McAslan + Partners
南立面图 ©John McAslan + Partners
A-A剖面图 ©John McAslan + Partners
B-B剖面图 ©John McAslan + Partners
G-G剖面图 ©John McAslan + Partners



Area: 13,253 sq.m

Type of Project: Cultural / Heritage/ Renovation and new build

Date of Commission: 20th May 2016

Completion: 7th March 2022

Funding: Glasgow City Council & HLF

Client: Glasgow Life

Architect: John McAslan + Partners

Landscape: Architect John McAslan + Partners

Design Team:

Architecture: John McAslan, Paul East ( Project Lead ) , Chris Ravenscroft, Heather Macey, Katherine Watts, Tom Roberts, Paddy Pugh, Hannah Lawson

Landscape Design: Andy Harris ( Project Lead ) , Celia Guerreiro, Kit Bullas, Kevin Simpson

Structural Engineer: David Narro Associates

Services / Fire Engineer / BREEAM: Atelier 10

Façade Consultant: Arup

Cost Consultant / Project Manager: Gardiner & Theobald

Main Contractor: Kier

Planning Consultant: John McAslan + Partners

Acoustic Consultant: Sandy Brown Acoustics

Access Consultant: David Bonnett Associates

Exhibition Designer: Event Communication

Catering Consultant: Jo Headland

Retail Consultant: Seeking State

Wayfinding / Signage Designers: Studio LR

Key materials Exterior: Locharbriggs Sandstone, Stainless Steel, Glass

Key materials Interior: Locharbriggs / Lazenby Sandstone, Portland Coombefield Limestone, Glu-Lam Timber, Concrete, Ash Timber


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John McAslan + Partners


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