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招聘 | 平面设计师/市场开发专员/建筑设计师/建筑主创设计师/项目经理

Jobs | Graphic Designer/Market Development Specialist/Architectural Designer Lead/Architectural Designer/Project Manager

坐标1 | 上海浦东新区浦东大道138号永华大厦

Addr. | No.138, Pudong Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

坐标2 | 北京朝阳区酒仙桥路4号751正东科技综合楼2F209室

Addr. | Rm 209, 2F, 751 Zhengdong Technology Building Complex, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

坐标3 | 厦门鹭江道100号财富中心10楼1007单元

Addr. | Rm 1007, The Fortune Centre, No.100 Lujiang Road, Xiamen


JJP潘冀联合建筑师事务所  是在海内外建筑领域拥有丰富经验的公司,已完成超过1,000件作品,并获得130多个奖项的荣誉。我们擅长于限制里发挥创意,秉持「志于道,据于德,依于仁,游于艺」的执业准则,专注于设计高质量的可持续性建筑。

JJP architects and planners is a firm with extensive experience in the field of architecture, both domestically and internationally. With a portfolio showcasing over 1,000 completed projects and a remarkable collection of more than 130 prestigious awards, not an end but still undergoing, we have kept dedicating our efforts to the world. Our expertise lies in pushing the boundaries of creativity within constraints, guided by the Confucianism principles of "aspiring to the Dao, rooted in virtue, reliant on benevolence, and flowing in artistry." We are dedicated to designing high-quality, sustainable buildings to better tomorrow.



JJP Architects and Planners has established friendly work environments across both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Our Beijing office is located in 751 Art District in the vicinity of the 798 Art Zone. The Shanghai office is conveniently situated near the Pudong Avenue Station on Metro Line 14. In Xiamen, our office sits in the Lujiang Road CBD, while Taipei office is in close proximity to the city center's vast green lungs, Daan forest park.



We are currently seeking passionate, creative, and talented individuals to join the team. We provide ample opportunities for personal and professional growth, as well as the chance to collaborate with exceptional designers from both domestic and international backgrounds. Together, we aim to create outstanding architectural works that shape the future of urban architectural and landscapes aesthetics. Join us in our journey and be part of this exciting endeavor!



A 4-minute short clip below that delivers JJP's human-oriented philosophy and cultural spirits.


△ 《On the way》JJP 40年旅程

《On the way》JJP 40-year journey



Selected merits:


AIA New York State Award of Excellence for Adaptive Reuse


Red Dot Design Award

法国DNA Paris Awards–教育设施类优胜

Winner, DNA Paris Awards – Institutional Facilities

Architizer A+ 建筑设计评审奖(商业-瞬间快闪组)

Jury Award, Architizer A+ Awards (Pop-up & Temporary)


Winner, Commercial Architecture, Architecture MasterPrize


10 Best Hospital Designs, China Hospital Construction Award


Excellence Award, World Association Chinese Architects Awards

REARD全球地产设计大奖 产城类 建筑–金奖、银奖

Gold / Silver Award, REARD Global Real Estate Design Awards




招聘职位 Job openings

平面设计师 Graphic Designer(上海或北京)



1. 企业品牌相关的视觉形象设计与升级,并完成公司宣传册等物料设计与制作。

2. 配合设计部门进行图示化视觉输出,完成项目汇报PPT以及文本设计、排版与制作。

3. 配合市场部完成客户演说文件的视觉美化,设计并制作市场所需相关物料。



1. 本科及以上学历,平面设计或艺术设计等相关设计专业,具备和空间设计配合能力优先。

2. 熟练掌握Illustrator,InDesign, Photoshop, 等平面设计软件,熟悉图像处理。

3. 对平面设计有独到理念和较强的审美能力,对输出及印刷工艺有一定程度掌握。

4. 有一定英文沟通和读写能力。

5. 有较强的创新意识,团队协作和执行能力。

6. 可根据实际情况沟通办公地点。



1. Design and upgrade the visual image related to the corporate brand, and complete the design and production of company brochures and other materials.

2. Cooperate with the design department to make graphical visual output, complete the project report PPT and text design, layout and production.

3. Cooperate with the Marketing Department to complete the visual beautification of customer presentation documents, design and produce relevant materials required by the market.



1. Bachelor degree or above, graphic design or art design or other related design major, with the ability to cooperate with space design is preferred.

2. Proficient in Illustrator,InDesign, Photoshop and other graphic design software, familiar with image processing.

3. Have a unique concept of graphic design and strong aesthetic ability, and have a certain degree of mastery of output and printing process.

4. Have certain English communication and reading and writing skills.

5. Have a strong sense of innovation, teamwork and execution ability.

6. The office location can be communicated according to the actual situation.



市场开发专员 Market Development Specialist


1. 创新思维,热爱建筑与「好设计」,对于生活常有「这么变化会更好」的想法;

2. 出色的沟通和协作能力,能够与业主有效沟通;

3. 喜欢主动分享,具备独立解决问题的能力;

4. 关注社会公益和可持续发展,坚守道德原则。



1. 分析全球可持续建筑的市场趋势和行业动态,规划市场开发行动,包括:媒体、电话和邮件营销等,并追踪成效;

2. 参加营销活动和展会,开拓潜在机会,扩展业主网络,确保满足业主需求;

3. 因应不同业主与招标需求,编辑项目作品中英文字稿,并整理相关图文;

4. 制作编辑事务所建筑实绩多媒体简报与影片;

5. 汇整大陆办公室市场开发与业务作业,产出工作报告。



1. 大学或硕士毕业,3年以上工作经验,市场营销、建筑与城市规划相关科系尤佳;

2. 具备「服务业」或「零售业」工作经验为加分经历;

3. 擅长Adobe Creative Suite、Microsoft Office Suite,熟练autoCAD与archiCAD尤佳。

1. Innovative mindset, a passion for architecture and good design, with a constant desire for "how things can be improved" in everyday life.
2. Excellent communication and collaboration skills, capable of effective interaction with clients.
3. Proactively share ideas and possesses independent problem-solving abilities.
4. Focus on social welfare and sustainable development issues, uphold ethical principles.


Job Responsibilities:
1. Analyze global market trends and industry dynamics in sustainable architecture, plan market development strategies including media, telephone, and email marketing, and track its effectiveness.
2. Participate in marketing events and exhibitions, explore potential opportunities, expand the client network, and ensure client satisfaction.
3. Tailor project materials and edit written content in both Chinese and English, organizing relevant graphics and text to meet different client and bidding requirements.
4. Create multimedia presentations and videos showcasing the firm's architectural achievements.
5. Consolidate market development and business operations in mainland offices and generate work reports.

Educational requirements:
1. Bachelor's degree or above, with at least 3 years of work experience, preferably in marketing, architecture, or urban planning-related fields.
2. Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office Suite. Familiarity with autoCAD and archiCAD is a plus.



建筑设计师 Architectural Designer



1. 参与建筑方案设计,建筑施工图设计工作;

2. 主动进行设计资料之掌握、寻索,并发挥创意,完成设计成果;

3. 依个案状况,主动参与出席设计讨论会议、设计协商及施工中之工务会议;

4. 制作工作模型和各阶段图纸。



1. 正规院校建筑学专业,本科及以上学历;

2. 具有1年以上大型设计单位工作经历(优先考虑);

3. 熟悉掌握施工图绘制规范和要求,熟练运用天正、autoCAD、sketchUp、Photoshop、InDesign、PowerPoint及渲染相关(Enscape、Lumion)等设计绘图软件;另熟悉Ladybug、Climate Studio等绿建筑模拟分析软件为佳;



1. Under the guidance of the project leader, participate in developing architectural designs and construction drawings.
2. Actively seek and acquire design information, understand the application of cost, construction methods, and materials, and take responsibility for the accuracy of the design outcomes.
3. Based on the project requirements, actively participate in design discussions, collaborate with consultants, and attend related meetings.
4. Create design models and drawings at various stages.


1. Bachelor's degree or above in architecture from a reputable institution.
2. At least 1 year of work experience in a large design firm (preferred).
3. Proficiency in construction codes and requirements, skilled in using software such as Tianzheng, AutoCAD, SketchUp, Photoshop, InDesign, PowerPoint, and other rendering tools (Enscape, Lumion…etc.). Familiarity with Ladybug, Climate Studio is a plus.
4. Ability to handle work pressure, possess strong interpersonal skills, attention to detail, a strong sense of responsibility, and a collaborative spirit within a team environment.



建筑主创设计师 Architectural Designer Lead



1. 负责项目建筑规划的设计,与各专业沟通、协调、整合,对设计进度、质量进行跟踪检查;

2. 负责编制设计各阶段的技术文件;

3. 负责按设计变更流程进行变更审核工作、主要装饰材料的选型、定样;

4. 完成项目建筑方案及施工图作业。



1. 正规院校建筑学专业,本科及以上学历;

2. 具有5年以上大型设计单位工作经历(优先考虑);

3. 熟悉掌握施工图绘制规范和要求,熟练运用天正、autoCAD、sketchUp、Photoshop、InDesign、PowerPoint等设计绘图软件;另熟悉Ladybug、Climate Studio等绿建筑模拟分析软件为佳;

4. 有丰富的设计团队协调经验;

5. 具有完整的建筑方案及施工图经验,参与过大、中型项目的建筑方案、初步设计及施工图作业;

6. 有创新精神、丰富的设计经验且有良好的沟通方案工作的能力;

7. 有责任心、踏实但有激情的工作心态携领团队共同进步。


1. Manage design of projects, communicate, coordinate, and integrate with various disciplines, and track design progress and quality.
2. Prepare design briefs and technical documentation for project at different stages.
3. Review and approve design changes following the designated process, select and finalize major decorative materials.
4. Collaborate to complete architectural designs and construction drawing tasks for projects.

1. Bachelor's degree or above in architecture from a reputable institution.
2. At least 5 years of work experience in a large design firm (preferred).
3. Proficiency in construction codes and requirements, skilled in using software such as Tianzheng, AutoCAD, SketchUp, Photoshop, InDesign, PowerPoint, and other rendering tools (Enscape, Lumion…etc.). Familiarity with Ladybug, Climate Studio is a plus.
4. Demonstrated experience in coordinating design teams, excellent technical communication skills.
5. Extensive experience in architectural concept development and construction drawing, involvement in large and medium scale projects.
6. Innovative mindset, experienced in architectural design, and the ability to communicate solutions effectively.
7. Strong sense of responsibility, a dedicated & passionate work attitude, and the ability to lead a team forwards.



项目经理 Project Manager



1. 负责与业主及政府等各相关部门联系、协调,使设计任务顺利开展;

2. 负责建筑项目方案的投标、述标、计划、设计工作,能够高效完成设计任务;

3. 确定设计要点,提出设计方向,协调技术上重大问题;

4. 协调各专业统一技术条件和设计标准,协调专业之间的矛盾,确保设计图纸质量,完成相关专业的现场支持和技术指导;

5. 对本项目内部人员进行安排和调动,制定统一技术措施,合理安排人力和工作进度;

6. 编制设计进度,并主导团队如期且准确完成各阶段任务。



1. 正规院校建筑学专业,本科及以上学历;

2. 具有8年以上大型设计单位工作经历,并担任项目负责人3年以上;

3. 有丰富的设计团队协调经验,良好的技术沟通能力及方案汇报能力;

4. 具有完整的建筑方案及施工图经验,具备大型项目的综合设计及管理能力,全程参与过大、中型项目的建筑方案、初步设计及施工图设计和绘制;能够解决因特殊设计理念所涉的新工艺做法,并协调相关专业人员完成任务;

5. 能够独立主持大、中型建筑工程设计并能主持协调各专业的工作配合者优先考虑;

6. 熟悉相关设计规范,精通天正、autoCAD、sketchUp、Photoshop、InDesign、PowerPoint等设计绘图软件;

7. 有责任心、高度的创意、踏实但有激情的工作心态携领团队共同进步。

1. Liaise and coordinate with clients, authorities and other relevant departments to ensure smooth progress of the design tasks.
2. Lead the bidding, proposal preparation, planning, and design work for architectural projects, ensuring efficient completion of design tasks.
3. Determine design priorities, propose design solutions, and coordinate solution of significant technical issues.
4. Coordinate the establishment of integrate technical requirements and design standards among various disciplines, resolve conflicts between disciplines, ensure the quality of design drawings, and provide on-site support and technical guidance for relevant disciplines.
5. Arrange and allocate resources within the project team, develop unified technical measures, and plan human resources and work schedules effectively.
6. Develop design schedules and determine milestones and submission deadlines for each design stage.


1. Bachelor's degree or above in architecture from a reputable institution.
2. Minimum of 8 years of work experience in a large design firm, with at least 3 years of experience as a project leader.
3. Extensive experience in coordinating design teams, excellent technical communication skills, and ability to present design solutions effectively.
4. Demonstrated experience in comprehensive architectural concept development, construction drawing, and management for large-scale projects, including participation in the entire process of architectural concept development, preliminary design, and construction drawing, with the ability to address new construction methods arising from unique design concepts and coordinate with relevant professionals to complete tasks.
5. Preferred ability to independently manage and coordinate large and medium-scale architectural design projects, as well as coordinate work among various disciplines.
6. Familiarity with relevant design standards and proficient in software such as Tianzheng, AutoCAD, SketchUp, Photoshop, InDesign, PowerPoint, and other design drawing tools.
7. Strong sense of responsibility, good artistic sense, a dedicated but passionate work attitude, and the ability to lead a team towards progress.





Please submit your resume and portfolio to taowy@jjpan-sh.com (please ensure that the attachment size does not exceed 10MB) and indicate the position you are applying for in the title and email.











代表作品 Selected Projects

△ 台湾大学辐射科学暨质子治疗中心

Proton Center of National Taiwan University Teaching Hospital


△ 台达永续之环

Ring of Celestial Bliss


△ 捷安特(GIANT)集团全球营运总部

Giant Group Global Headquarters


△ 勤美达(武汉)精密机械项目

Foundry Factory (Wuhan), China Metal Wuhan Precision Machine


△ 西安环普国际科技园三期

GLP I-Park Xi’an Campus Phase III


△ 台湾大学医学院附设癌医中心医院

Cancer Center, Taiwan University Hospital


△ 金门县中心图书馆及美术馆

Kinmen Library and Art Museum


△ 政治大学公共行政及企业管理教育中心

Chengchi University Center for Public and Business Administration Education









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