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Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects


Vendsyssel Theatre SHL1

丹麦纽灵文叙瑟尔剧院 Vendsyssel Theatre © Adam Mørk



A successful premiere marked the beginning of a sold out season at Denmark's first newly built theatre in over a century outside of the Danish capital Copenhagen. The 4,200 m2 theatre and culture building is designed as a dynamic and multifunctional complex that includes a Music hall, Black Box, Rehearsal hall and a 430 seat flexible hall which includes an"in-the-round" theatre. In addition, the building houses offices and spacious lobby area with café and backstage area with workshop and dressing rooms. With its central location in the heart of Hjørring, the theatre will become a dynamo for the entire region's cultural life.


Vendsyssel Theatre SHL2

 建筑外立面使用了红色耐候钢板 © Adam Mørk

Vendsyssel Theatre SHL9

剧院以一组连续的立方体块所组成 © Adam Mørk



The building appears as a composition of cubic blocks. The warm rusty red corten steel facades correspond with its surroundings during the day, whilst the LED backed frosted glass facades illuminate in various colors during the evening; thus, creating an aesthetic link between the town, the front plaza and the theatre building.


Vendsyssel Theatre SHL10

LED光源呈现出不同的色彩 © Adam Mørk

Vendsyssel Theatre SHL11

剧院东立面夜景 © Adam Mørk


创始人合伙人John Foldbjerg Lassen: “我们希望让剧院成为纽灵都市中一座充满生命力的城市器官。它包含重要的文化性,在建筑设计语言上大胆而又不失它与纽灵市现有城市特质的联系。”

"It is our ambition that the building will manifest itself as a new living organism in the cityscape," says Founding partner John Foldbjerg Lassen. "It is a building which stands by its cultural significance and which dares to be different without taking focus away from the town's existing qualities."


Vendsyssel Theatre SHL12

一层入口局部 © Adam Mørk



Architectural, functional and experiential emphasis has been placed on five main themes: Anchoring in the town, transparency, functionality, flexibility and materiality. The result is a striking building, which relates pragmatically to its function and which invites both active use and quiet breaks.


Vendsyssel Theatre SHL0

在剧院里小憩的市民 © Adam Mørk

Vendsyssel Theatre SHL4

剧院与广场相连 © Adam Mørk



The approach to the building's design has been a pragmatic view of culture as an opportunity and experience for all. Therefore, space has been created for both scheduled and ad hoc events outside at the plaza, inside the foyer and on the grand staircase where visitors can choose to be spectators or even participate in the activities.

Vendsyssel Theatre SHL20

430座的围绕式多功能剧场 © Adam Mørk

Vendsyssel Theatre SHL19

© Adam Mørk


Inside, an open plan solution ensures visual and physical connections across the building. The boundaries between publicly accessible areas and the more traditional theatre functions are blurred.


Vendsyssel Theatre SHL16

黑盒子 © Adam Mørk

Vendsyssel Theatre SHL18

墙面细部 © Adam Mørk


"We've designed emphasis on the interaction between artists and spectators. Inside, all the major halls can be opened to the foyer, the use of glass and windows in different rooms creates visual connections and the performers can get a glimpse of the public from their lounge on the top level."


Vendsyssel Theatre SHL15

音乐厅 © Adam Mørk

Vendsyssel Theatre SHL14

音乐厅 © Adam Mørk

Vendsyssel Theatre SHL Siteplan

基地平面图 © SHL

Vendsyssel Theatre SHL Siteplan 500

一层平面图 © SHL

Vendsyssel Theatre SHL ground floor plan

地下室平面图 © SHL

Vendsyssel Theatre SHL section

剖面图 © SHL

建筑师 Architect
Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
业主 Client
Hjørring Municipality 纽灵市政府
面积 Area
造价 Construction cost
€ 24 million ex. VAT
竞赛设计 Competition
2013, 1st prize in competition
当地设计师 Local architect
Arkitektfirmaet Finn Østergaard A/S
工程顾问 Engineers
Brix & Kamp A/S
景观设计 Landscape architect
LIW Planning Aps
其他顾问 Other consultants
Gade & Mortensen Akustik A/S
AIX Arkitekter AB
Filippa Berglund, scenography, architect maa
摄影 Photo
Adam Mørk

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